Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

I am so glad 2014 is in the rear view mirror in a matter of moments!
Kean sure knows how to end the year with a bang.
We spent the last day of 2014 at the hospital.
He woke up this morning and was limp, lethargic
and just a hair this side of comatose.
Guess I shouldn't be surprised.
We've had a heck of a time getting Kean to eat and drink
much over the past several days.
Add that with the fact he's had the runs and did vomit--
and it was pretty much expected we'd have another
one of his scary episodes.
We took him in today for what we thought would be a 
relatively quick trip to the hospital for some IV fluids
and blood counts.
 Our quick trip turned into a marathon and quite the ordeal for this cute boy.
 First off, once the nurses accessed his port, they couldn't get
any blood out -- and not for the lack of trying.
That meant, an order was sent off to the pharmacy for some TPA
to try and thin the clots.
Which really means a ton of waiting-- waiting for the med to be made
and then waiting forever for it to work its magic.
In the meantime, we met with the doc-- you'd think Kean was
being tortured by the amount of screaming he did.
His left ear has signs of an infection-- lots of gunk.
By the time she cleaned that out, oh, man, was he ever steamed.
It took three of us to hold him down-- and the really bad news is
he somehow dislodged the needle in his chest/port and some of the
fluids went into his skin instead of his port-- which meant a lot of 
swelling around his port.
They then had to pull out his needle, let the swelling go down
and start all over again.
This time it HURT him and there was lots of blood.
It was awful-- not only a long day for our guy but a traumatic one too.
 The good news is, the second time worked perfectly-
we got his blood (his counts are safe) and gave him lots of fluid
to help with the dehydration.
We had our sweet little Reese along (for what I thought would be
an easy, quick trip).
Hope we didn't further traumatize the child!!!
She was so helpful and cute.
We are scheduled to go back Friday to check him
and get more fluids.
Hoping, oh so hoping, that won't be necessary.
Wouldn't it be nice to kick 2015 off nice, quiet and BORING?!?!?