Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, December 29, 2014

Both Ends!

We are a little stressed over here.
Poor Kean hasn't felt well all weekend-- nothing
big, he was just off.
Well today, without going into too many details, I changed
four diapers in less than 30 minutes-- the smelly kind.
And just as we were sitting down for dinner, our boy
vomited and vomited (really, my cooking is not that bad)!
So we now are in that waiting game-- watching him way too 
closely and taking his temperature every 30 minutes.
He's been running around 99.5 to 100.  Remember,
if he goes over 101, we go to the hospital.
The thing is, other than be overly cuddly, he looks and acts
quite fine.
He even wanted to brush his teeth tonight.
 His Oncologist said there are about five viruses going around
and he's letting us stay home and play the waiting game
rather than run to the E.R. tonight.
So extra prayers, fingers crossed and anything else you can
think of that will help our little warrior  beat this bug
without us spending hours upon hours in the E.R.

p.s.  Rudolph Hubert Barker the first-- a.k.a. Rudy
is doing great.  He's running, jumping, practically skipping
around his pen.  We are all quite taken with the little calf.