Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, September 28, 2014


The good news is... Kean seems to be feeling a bit better.
He is also about done with this round of Steroids.
That should help.
The even better news is Holland - thanks to Kean
having cancer - got to go spend the night at our fabulous zoo.
(Really, it is thanks to Camp Rainbow Gold - and thanks for these pictures).
She joined teens with cancer and teen siblings of kids with cancer
for a fun overnighter and behind the scenes of the zoo.
 She seems to have had a wonderful time
and even got "some" sleep.
I think the highlights for her
included getting to spend time with her dear friend Elizabeth
(Elizabeth is Anthony's big sister.  Anthony passed away a few 
months ago)...
 and getting to help feed and learn all about the animals--
things most zoo visitors never see.
She was, however, quite alarmed to learn that some
of the animals are fed "cute little bunnies", pink mice etc.
Ah, the circle of life.