Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Long Walk

Lawn Mower Therapy is what we call our
daily work outs with our neighbor, Grandpa Bodily.
Kean has graduated to walking up the long, long (inclined) driveway.
 And trust me, it is quite the work out (for both of us).
I let him "fall" regularly and he's getting pretty good
at putting his hands out and catching himself.
 We do this almost every morning.
Bless that sweet Grandpa Bodily.
He sits on his mower and slowly, slowly backs it up
to encourage Kean to slowly, slowly keep moving forward.
 Here's a little snippet of those daily work outs.
Even though Kean is still fighting a cold, we are still
forcing him to walk each day.
Here's the beautiful thing- at the end of each session
Grandpa Bodily drives all around his property, up the street
to ours...
 and drops the boy off right at our back door.
I tell ya, we are surrounded by the best friends, neighbors
and helpers in the world.