Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great vs. Grouchy

Got a break from the crazy life today... and headed up
to Bogus Basin Ski Resort with some of my best girlfriends
to decorate for Pam Brown's daughter's wedding. 
We worked our tails off...
covering the ceiling with tiny white lights and lots of tulle
and hanging lights over the bar, on the stairs, balcony and pillars.
My mom took care of the Keanut man-- even doing therapy with
Andrea and Maureen.
I hear he was a rock star for Andrea and my mom
(not so much for Maureen).
When I left the house he kept saying "no Grandpa Bodiily's.
Grandpa's house".  Yes, he's putting words together,
no, it's not quite as clear as I wrote it.  And yes, he
is one opinionated little tiger.  He didn't want to go 
do lawn mower therapy (walking)... he wanted to 
go to my parents house!
But once he got down there-- even though he had heavy 
chemo on Tuesday... he dazzled.
Of course, he's as grouchy as a troll tonight--
but he was great this morning.