Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miss Hemingway

Lucky me.
I now have the gunk Kean and Reese had.
And I think Byron is heading down the same road.
Kean is still feeling on the icky side.
We did force him to do some therapy today though.
 I don't want him to back track on his walking progress.
So today, we upped it a bit and made him walk on the grass.
Andrea says that's trickier--- bumpy and uneven.
 I've been pushing him, even though he's sick because
he was scheduled for heavy chemo next Tuesday-- the chemo
that makes his feet feel like he has pins and needles.
But we got a break today.  Kean's Oncologist has to go out 
of town-- so his heavy chemo has been pushed back for another week.
That means more time to get this walking milestone a little more cemented.
 Meanwhile, back inside... Greer has been working on writing
a book.  I'm not sure what exactly to think of it-- she has
taken Kean's story of how his arm swelled up, how we went to the E.R.,
how a certain doctor noticed his bone marrow looked strange,
how that certain doctor decided to let us have one final night of peace
before telling us Kean had cancer, how we spent over a month in the hospital
at the beginning-- and made it a story about her.
Perhaps, a psychologist could tell us what this all means---
to have her take his story and make it all about her having cancer.
But then again, maybe it is best I don't know.