Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas in September

I was totally and utterly dreading today.
Turns out, it wasn't bad at all.
First off, the really good news is that we didn't have any problems
with his port.  Kean's blood came out nice, red and easy.
The second item to be very thankful for?
While his counts are back low, low (no immune system)
the docs determined he did not need a 4 hour antibody transfusion.
That was a big phew!
And finally, we had a dear friend as our "Chemo date" today--
Christl Holzl from Camp Rainbow Gold's Sun Valley office.
She is one of the most delightful people-- ever
and kept telling us Kean is the best date she's had in a while.
Loved that.
She also brought him a little fire truck that zooms all over the house.
While he wasn't too thrilled with his gift after coming out of sedation,
it has turned into quite the hit around the house tonight.
 We had to laugh---
today could be labeled "gift day" at the hospital.
On top of the fire truck, Kean got another rubber duck
(Officer Quack) to add to his collection.
He gets one for every time he gets his blood drawn in clinic.
I think we are in the 80's now.
(That doesn't count all the blood draws in the hospital and E.R.).
 Also, it being Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, Kean got
to pick out a homemade quilt.  This one has airplanes, cars
and trucks.  Darling- even without motorcycles.
 Finally, we were given this little parting gift-- a stool sample kit.
Fun stuff.
All those hard core antibiotics Kean is on have done a number
on his diapers.  They are a bit worried about C-Diff -- so
lucky me, gets to take a sample down to the lab for testing.
(Yes, I'm living the life)!
But wait, there's more.
When we dropped Christl off, the entire Camp Rainbow Gold office
came out to say hello.
And they brought this sweet little pup for our sweet little boy.
And if that wasn't enough, we came home to Teresa Peery, my
good friend from church bringing over a delicious dinner
and fabulous chocolate chip cookies for us.
Being surrounded by this much love and support, I feel
a bit guilty for dreading today so much.
Kean, so far, is doing great tonight.
We are one blessed family.