Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Torture Chamber

We are back "in".
Rushed Kean to the E.R. during what was supposed to have been dinner last night.
He went from off to scary in about twenty minutes.
The grossest part of this tale is he started projectile vomiting about three minutes into our thirty minute drive to the hospital.
It was one of those laugh hysterically or cry hysterically moments. 
The E.R. was trying as usual. 
Kean's port took fluids and eventually antibiotics perfectly but wouldn't let the blood out.  They finally ended up taking blood from his arm... Which just stinks when he has a port.
Then the lab dropped or screwed up that golden blood sample and we had to start over.
Finally, close to midnight they started him on antibiotics and then moved us upstairs to the children's cancer ward.
My friend Pam showed up about then and was able to stay with him for a while ... While lucky me got to go downstairs, get my car from security and clean up the puddled and dry vomit.
Oh.... don't think hell night was over.  
Kean still had to take tpa to get his port to stop clotting, do another blood draw and start more antibiotics and take chemo.
He finally fell asleep but between the nurses checking his vitals and his oxygen alarms going off constantly it was a regular all night circus in here.
The doc was just in.
He looks and sounds better but..... His white blood cell counts are crazy high which suggests he is fighting something that is bacterial.  The X-ray shows what looks like pneumonia.  And they are talking about doing an antibodies transfusion tomorrow.  So buckle up.  
The fun stuff continues.