Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Media Blitz

Whoo Hoo!
Baldapalooza is behind us.
It was crazy, magical, scary and stressful
all rolled into one.
The music was magnificent---
the turn out?
Not so great.
I think we got beat up by all the high school games.
We'll see what the numbers show after all the bills are paid
and money counted.
Our volunteers were incredible-- we probably
had a hundred people behind the scenes making it all come together.
We had lots of great media.
I started my morning at 4 something
(actually, Kean had me up at 3)...
but I went on our local ABC station's morning show 
with the Boy Band - Beyond 5.
They not only sounded great 
but had everyone quite charmed by
the time we left. 
 By the way, they went on to do a surprise assembly  at the local
middle school where they were rushed by approximately 1200
clapping, screaming, out of control students!
Oh to be 13 again!
I picked up Stuart (lead singer) and Robbie (lead guitarist)
from the band Fictionist.
Love these guys.  Fictionist just finished touring with Imagine Dragons
and starts another tour in a few weeks with the Neon Trees.
Together we got to do a 20 minute interview with Radio Boise--
pretty cool to get to talk about Baldapalooza in depth
and have the guys talk about their music and play a few
new tracks from their upcoming next album.
We crammed all of this in before getting to the park to get everything ready.
I want you to know, during the festival, I didn't take a single picture.
I'll hopefully post some tomorrow from our event photographer.
I did do one more interview late in the evening for the CBS station--
by then, I was pretty exhausted
but here's a link about Balda.