Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 22, 2014


So you know how we went to the hospital last Thursday?
Guess what Friday was?
School pictures.
Just my luck.
My growing up girls got up, got themselves breakfast,
made their lunches and got themselves ready.
My mom arrived to them being ready for school.
That night, when I talked to the girls on the phone,
I asked Greer how school pictures went.
Here's her answer:
"Oh great!  I looked beautiful!"
Seriously, don't you love that?
And how many of us would have our picture
taken and say that we looked beautiful!
p.s.  big Chemo day tomorrow for the little man.
Extra prayers would be appreciated.


Tamra Zinn said...

You are definitely in our prayers! We just keep going forward....come what may and love it! I am continually telling myself that:). You have been an inspiration. I love you