Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good News All Around...

We dodged another bullet around here.
Kean's fever finally broke and he's slowly getting his energy back.
I carried him down to see the girls off on the bus this morning and 
then made him do a few laps.
He fought me on it... that is, until Grandpa Bodily came out to
get the ol' tractor out of the shed.
Then guess who motored on over on his own.
 It wasn't his best work out session but we got a few
"walks" in and as a bonus, got a happy boy who was
more than happy to get a lawn mower ride.
 It amazes me how much it takes out of him to fight off any
gunk he happens to catch.
Motorcycle Jeff came this evening to give him a ride
and it was all we could do to get him
to show M.J. his new tricks.
 It took coaxing from all of us to get a few steps.
But at least it was a few steps.
 And at least he got a big reward-- a ride in near perfect weather.
We got some good news today from the Pediatrician--
Reese's bone age test came back normal.
That means she'll grow when she grows.
And thankfully, there are no red flags
or further testing we have to worry about.