Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Cliff Notes

Just to keep things interesting around here...
both Kean and Reese are sporting fevers of 100 degrees.
Pray, cross your fingers, do a dance-- whatever it takes
to keep Kean from crossing into the 101 degree temperature -automatic
trip to the E.R. realm.
I'm just too old for all this drama.
Before I head to bed (hopefully to sleep through the night),
here's a whirlwind look at our cancer fundraising music festival.
I tell ya, our music was first rate--
from country musicians Desirae Bronson
 and Brooke Faulk...
 to the soulful Mimi Knowles.
 All the girls in the audience went wild-- and I mean wild
for the boy band Beyond 5.
Holland and Greer were somewhere in the pack.
 We Are the Strike was amazing... they are not only
great musicians but quite the entertainers.
 Voted Idaho's Best Band-- Waking Jordan.
These guys are wonderful--
 as are all the members of Fictionist.
We really had artists with hearts as big as their talent.
 For example, one of our singers, Mossi-- was game on stage
to swab his mouth to show the audience how easy it is to
participate in the "Be the Match" registry for bone marrow transplants.
Mossi has a nephew with cancer who just a month ago had a transplant.
 We also had tons of booths, a Kid's Zone, activities,
food and side events to keep reinforcing this was a fundraiser
for kids fighting cancer and Camp Rainbow Gold.
"Motorcycle Dwight" was one of our favorite volunteers.
He oversaw all the logistics-- from porta potties to
fencing.  He also raised money and shaved his long, long locks
to help the kids.
 The Barkette's took to the stage for a few minutes to say
our thank you's to all those who made the event a success--
from the donors, sponsors, musicians, and volunteers  to the
people in attendance.  My parents even brought Kean down
for a sneak appearance on the stage.
(He wasn't really into it-- at all).
 Throughout the evening, we had some of the warriors among us--
the kids who have fought and slayed the cancer beast 
take to the stage to share their stories.
This young woman was particularly inspiring as she talked
about her journey and what a difference Camp Rainbow Gold
has made in her life.
I think my kids are looking at me to make sure I'm 
not losing it on stage in front of everyone.
 Finally, our headliner, Ashley Monroe of the Pistol Annies
took to the stage to close out the evening
and my oh my, can that girl sing.
 My favorite moment of the whole affair was when
she sang a beautiful ballad -- Has Anyone Ever Told You...
She pulled up on stage a young girl she met a few years
back who had a pretty severe brain tumor (one that affects her to this day).
It was a beautiful moment....
 only made even more beautiful.
We had several of the children with cancer,
a family who had lost their son last year and others
connected to the disease light giant paper lanterns
during the song.
 It was a lovely, lovely moment in an evening
full of lovely moments.
Our Baldapalooza photographer, Don Johnson took
all of these pictures.  
It was a magical evening... one that will keep me
pushing along for a long, long time.