Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 15, 2014

Into the Ambulance

Kean had his little therapy school this morning.
They had warned me when I came to pick him up that
there would be an ambulance in the parking lot
for the kids to explore (guess they didn't want me to have heart failure).
It was so cute-- the paramedics let the kids sit on the stretchers
and lifted them up into the ambulance to get a close up look.
As you can see, Kean wasn't all that impressed.
Probably stirred up all kinds of bad memories
of when he was really sick and had to ride in an ambulance for real.
Actually, he had an awful day at therapy.
I guess he cried (sobbed for him mama) the first
part of things until they could distract him with snacks
and get him to settle down.
I think he's still struggling with getting over this cold.
He was supposed to have sedated Chemo/Spinal Tap
tomorrow.  What a blessing it was postponed until next week.
I'd hate to see him even more miserable.
We did have a bright spot today though...
one I completely failed to take any pictures of!
We stopped by Motorcycle Bill and Motorcycle Jeff's 
office after therapy to say hello and take them each a small gift.
Kean was quite confused as to why the boys were there
but did not have their motorcycles with them.
The "this just doesn't make any sense" look on
his face was priceless!