Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Changes

This is something you wouldn't have seen a few weeks ago--
Kean out and about at a Burger King getting ice cream.
 The crew felt they all deserved to be crowned (and get treats)
 after suffering through flu shots-- one for each of 'em.
You can tell they weren't too emotionally scarred.
 Oh, and the lovin' continues.
Look what Kean got in the mail?
His own FBI shirt and hat from our favorite G-man
Jonathan Riggs and his family in Virginia.
He's gonna be the coolest Kindergartner for sure.
 And our dear Lindsay Pennington dropped by
the other night to bring Kean a new Car's backpack
to reward him for making it through years of Chemo.
Trust me, he was excited about the back pack--
even though he was "too busy" to be in the picture.