Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Empty Nesters

Oh was it ever surreal at our house this morning.
Kean's bud driver (and the aid) found our home this time around
and picked him up.
 But geez, it was strange to have them all gone. If you
think about it, Kean and I have basically been attached at the hip
for the past six years.
He had another good day at school.  The report came
back "good" rather than "great" like yesterday.  I guess he
pinched a couple of kids that got in his personal space.  The good news
is they told him "no" and to be nice.  
He'll catch on one of these days.
He came home all smiles-- didn't seem quite so tired
but still took another 3 hour nap.
 The girls were about beside themselves waiting for him to wake up
because a mystery package was delivered while Kean was napping.
 The box was from a group of students at Boise State--
student leaders who put on the Boise State Dance Marathon each year
to raise funds for St. Luke's Children's Hospital and the Children's
Miracle Network.
These amazing and kindhearted students sent him a shirt,
a BSU football, bubbles and a toy motorcycle.
 He was absolutely thrilled.
While we were absolutely touched.
Our future is in good hands with these students coming up to the helm.
They are sharp, sharp, sharp.
Oh, one more thing.  I have come to realize that with all the craziness,
I never mentioned that on the second day of school, Greer withdrew
from her science, technology and engineering magnet and was accepted
into the Fine Arts School in our area (audition only).
She comes home with the biggest smile on her face every 
single day.  She LOVES it!!
Tonight, they had her school's open house.
Here's Greer and her fellow middle schoolers singing
a song they just learned last week.