Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Big Boy School

Is it possible to be so excited for a day and yet dread it at the same time?
That was today.
I wasn't sure how Kean would do out on his own in the big world--
and guess what?  He did fine.  No, he did great!
We got him all excited to go down and get on the bus.
Even my dear friend, Pam Brown joined us for the big step.
The only problem is the bus forgot to join us.
We waited and waited and waited some more.
Only to finally get a call from the bus driver that she was lost.
So Pam and I drove him to school where we were
met by his aid, Mrs. Baker.
By then, he wasn't too excited to leave his mom
and go into the school-- but he did it
(and I only got a little choked up).
I am so lucky to have a group of girlfriends who threw together
an "emergency support group".
And it worked beautifully-- it was just what I needed
to settle down after a crazy morning.
Kean's Kindergarten teacher had asked me to come
talk to the class about Kean's special needs and the importance
of protecting him from germs so back to the school we went.
I basically asked them if they had little brothers or sisters
and for them to look at Kean that way-- he can learn to and
will be able to do almost everything they can do but it will take
him a little more time.  I asked if they were willing to help him--
and boy, you should have seen their hands all shoot up.
They all wanted to be his helpers and friends.  It was so touching.
We also talked briefly about how he'd been sick, lost all of his hair,
has a special port in his chest to get shots and needs to be super
careful with germs.
It was so fun to catch a glimpse of him in school.
He was thriving and doing just fine when I got there--
and joined right in with singing a song as we left.
 He did come home on the bus.
His aid told me he was a bit frightened to get on the bus
but once he was buckled in and met his "bus aid", he was fine.
 His bus driver and aid told me I had a very quiet kid
on my hands.
 Give him time.
I'm pretty sure he was just downright exhausted.
He snuggled up with mom
and then later with "Aunt Pam".
And get this-- took a three hour nap.
Sweet success for his first day.
I think tomorrow will be even easier on him!