Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, October 2, 2015

No Shots

We headed down to "our" hospital again --
this time not for any shots, appointments or anything icky.
Kean was invited down for a little luncheon.
Problem is, he wouldn't eat much.   
Okay, just fruit.
My mom is quite patient with him.
We were invited down to help showcase the school in the
children's cancer unit.
 While Kean never went to school here, Colin, one of the teachers
was huge for us in getting everything set up for Kean to go
to Kindergarten.  He even attended meetings with Kean's principal and team.
He is a great, great guy.
 I don't think Kean could quite figure out why we were there
and not getting poked, prodded or meeting with his doctors.
He was pretty into the super cool shark backpack they had for him
(filled with fun school supplies).
And get this, as we left, just out in the children's lobby,
the owner of the local Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop
set up and was handing out free cones or cups. 
Quite atypical of our visits to the
hospital in the past.
But we will totally take it.