Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Hot Mess

So do you want the good news first or the bad?
We went back for Kean's check up with his ENT specialist.
The Granuloma has finally cleared up after two months of antibiotic drops
in his ear.
That's good.
However, it was covering up what we were checking on in the first place--
the fact that the tube in his ear is dislodged and still in there.
That's bad.
But.... his doc said we can wait another six months, hope it works out on it's own
and avoid surgery.
That's good.
By the way, this snap is before the check up-- before it took FOUR of us
to hold him down.
Trust me, he's stronger than he looks.
Speaking of strong.
I'm so-- not.
Tonight was back to school night at what will be Kean's new school.
His Kindergarten teacher is darling and had each of us go around
and introduce ourselves as so and so's parent.
I stood up, introduced myself and said I was Kean's mom
and sat down.
Mrs. Hymas asked if I would take a minute and tell the parents about
Kean, since they talk about him in class every day.
Oh dear.
I got two sentences in... to the part where he is finishing Chemo
this weekend and starting school on Monday and totally lost it.
That ugly, voice gets tiny and squeaky kind of lost it.
Sometimes I don't recognize myself.
I know come Sunday and Monday - I will be an absolute mess.
So steer clear.
Kean's last dose of chemo-- day number 1,157 is Sunday.
His doctors tell me it will take a good year for his immune system
to get back to normal levels but they don't want to wait to get him
going in school.  So we are starting him the very next day.
We've had numerous meetings (another big one tomorrow) with the school
team and the hospital to prepare for this big transition.
His therapists even helped us make this little book to
get him familiar and ready with his new surroundings.
I tell him this is the bus that will bring him home to me each day.
He'll have an aid on his special bus and he will be belted in.
They suggest I let him take the bus rather than having to transition
down the road from me taking him to him taking the bus.
So we will start Monday morning with many, many big changes.
Part of me is so very excited and part of me is scared to death for him
(and me).


Unknown said...

I cried through this whole thing. You're so brave! Huge changes. So neat. I'm so excited for you and him, but wow big changes! It's so hard taking your youngest to Kindergarten under regular circumstances throw in immune systems and thousands of days of chemo - I can't believe how well your handling it all! And I can't relieve they started him the very next day after chemo finished - wow!!! Talk about a trooper! Not even a day off. You're an inspiration! Hugs and loves to everyone.