Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, September 28, 2015

Party At the Park

I'm quite late in writing up Kean's big end of Chemo celebration.
But I have a good excuse- I've been down with some horrific
stomach bug.
Trust me, you don't want any details.
As for his party?  It was wonderful.
I hardly took any pictures but here's a few--
we set up a table with some of Kean's "highlights" from his cancer journey- 
including a portrait for everyone to sign.
(What a treasure that will be).
 We had two cakes-- both with, yep, you guessed it, motorcycles.
 We had so many dear friends and sweet surprises drop by
during the evening--
like this young lady, Drea Burton ...
 and Sydney Montgomery.
Both are from Boise State's Dance Marathon.
They raise huge amounts of money every year for St. Luke's Hospital 
by dancing around the clock for children like Kean.
 One of our favorite people in the world-- the Pied Piper
as we call him, Jason Hosick from Camp Rainbow Gold
came and charmed all the kids, especially mine.
 This is such a blurry picture but two of Kean's friends
from therapy, Abbey and Mika and their families
came to help us celebrate.
 And finally, (I'm out of the few pictures I took or was sent),
we have Kean's buddy, Alex Hill.  Kean calls him Axe.
 And I don't think I need to use words to tell you
how much this little boy loves this big boy!
 I wish I would have taken pictures of all the
friends, neighbors, church members, therapists, motorcycle men
 and all who stopped by to help us
mark this milestone.
We couldn't help but feel very loved
as we put an exclamation point on this 
long, long journey.