Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 11, 2015

Might As Well Go Out With A Bang!

Good heavens!  You'd think here we are a few days
from closing the Chemo chapter and we'd at least get to coast.
Um, no.
Kean pulled one of his "wouldn't wake up" and "give mom
a heart attack" hypoglycemic seizures this morning.
 Eating has been a battle for the past two weeks
with him not feeling well (between Chemo and a cold)--
I thought I got enough down him last night but guess I didn't.
His blood sugar was 41 and lucky me, got to give him
a shot in his leg to get it up.  If you know me, you'll
know I detest needles and putting one into his thigh
is right up there with getting four root canals simultaneously.
 What had us scared this morning is that he didn't come
around even after the shot and after drinking orange juice
and eating a little.  Just when I was about to haul him 
down to the ol' hospital, he finally perked up a bit--
 but that wasn't until nearly nap time and after he just 
wanted to be held much of the morning.
I will not miss these moments of terror one bit.
Notice I'm planning on them ending with his Chemo.
They had better.