Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 4, 2015

It Is Up!

Everything seems to be happening so big and so fast.
Three years ago, I had a dream, a wish- I'm not sure
what to call it- but I wanted the walls of the hospital to 
be covered with portraits of the children I admire.
I wanted their stories to let other families starting down
the cancer road to know they are not alone.
And I wanted this "Hall of Heroes" to give other children
and their parents hope and encouragement.
Today, that dream became a reality. The
22 portraits of children who are fighting cancer
or have fought, and one brave boy who passed on went 
up on the walls at St. Luke's Children's Hospital today.
I almost feel like I birthed a baby-- this has been such a
labor of love.
My dear friend, Fabiana who took all but one of the pictures
was there as they hung each portrait.
I wish I could have been there-- but love, love, love
what she wrote:
Ideally you want any project that you work on to touch the lives of others in a positive way. Today, as the installation of the Hall of Heroes went up, a young mom showed pictures of these cancer survivors to her sick child. She explained that they once had what he has and that they were 'all better'. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
We are off to a magnificent start.
This will have a huge impact.
I just know it!