Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fini, The End, Amen!

See that syringe in my hand?
It is Kean's very last Chemo treatment.
His last.
Oh my gosh, it is over (this hard part, anyway).
I don't know when it will sink in.
You'd think after 1,157 days it would sink in--
but it may take a few.
 The sunrise and sky was glorious this morning.
There were rays shooting down- as if  Heaven was
smiling and sending congratulations.  I wish my camera did
a better job.  It was beautiful.
 And trust me you are gonna want to watch this.
Kean wasn't feeling well this morning so we had him
out on his swing on the porch.  Byron and the girls decided
to put on a little "end of cancer treatment" show--
until near disaster hit.
Reese is fine, a bit sore but fine.
We then changed the song to:  "last day of cancer treatment,
last day of cancer treatment.  First day of broken arm, oh
here we go"!
We dodged the bullet on that one.  
Finally, this evening, my good friend, Fabiana
came over with her camera,  Motorcycle Jeff
came over with his Harley and we had a photo shoot
to commemorate Kean's last day of cancer treatment.
 Other than him taking off his leather jacket and shoes
during the photo shoot and throwing the sign
my friend Cindy Maliwauki made for the photo session,
he did surprisingly well.
Hopefully, we will have pictures to show you TOMORROW!
I can't wait.  They are so fun!
 And guess who got to go on a cycle ride--
Kean was sure in his happy place tonight.
I don't think he quite understands why we were
all making such a big deal out of him taking his medicine.


Terra said...

Yay for last day of chemo treatment!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the photo shoot!!!