Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Steal, Shove and Bail

What a day.
Kean and I walked the girls down to the bus.
He couldn't wait for that big yellow contraption to come pick the girls up--
so off Kean went walking up Grandpa Bodily's long driveway
where he waited patiently for me to get to the house.
 He's so funny.
Once inside, it was a bee-line for the refrigerator, where he
had to take his jacket and
those pesky shoes off before he could decide what to eat.
Keep in mind, he'd already had a full plate of bacon, eggs and juice
before we left our house!
 He started this new thing where he stole Grandpa Bodily's toast,
took a bite, then went over and force fed Grandma Bodily.
 It was so much fun, he decided to give Grandpa Bodily
a bite of what was originally his toast anyway.
 You've never seen the kid so proud of himself.
 I thought with his good mood, he'd be a rock star in Speech Therapy.
Um, nope.  Try a total pill.
He was 96 percent uncooperative.
But we did get a pretty good run out of him for
horse therapy today.
 Meet Team Kean:
Candice is the horse therapist and Clark is helping
with everything from getting the horse ready to taking Kean
around the arena and for walks around the ranch.
 We all have to be on our tip toes-- Kean is into this suddenly bailing
off the horse and thinks it is quite funny.
Ha, ha, yeah right.
I'm getting to practice using those cat like reflexes.
Luckily, I have these two to help try to keep him upright!
Trust me, we have our work cut out for us.
p.s. heavy Chemo tomorrow.  I can't believe a month has passed
since the last round.  Feels like about two weeks.
Guess that's good that it is going so fast!!