Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breaking News!

Those silly "weather guessers" here in Idaho.
Supposedly we were only to have 5 mile per hour winds today.
Um, no.
It was downright blustery and blow you away kind of weather.
Horse Therapy didn't last too long outside.
It was miserable.
 So we moved into the arena
where Kean (my little adrenaline junkie) just
wanted to "trot, trot, trot".
We may have looked like doof's trying to keep up with
Kean and Romeo
but oh was it worth it.
He giggled the entire session.
Huge news on the Baldapalooza front.
Yes, we are doing it again.
Yes, we have been trying since November to book our headliner
and today....
yep, today, we made the deal.
I'm gonna be a brat and not tell you who it is quite yet.
We are working on a big unveil because we booked
someone big time
and I couldn't be more excited.
August 29th-- a Saturday.
p.s.  that is two weeks before Kean finishes 3 plus years
of Chemo.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate 
and we want YOU there with us!!!


Marti said...

I am going to hope this is the LAST year of Baldapalooza, but oh, I would like to be there! Congrats on the "big name." Looking forward to finding out who!