Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Special Delivery

I tell ya, I have some pretty special friends out there.
Case in point, we came home to a big box on our front porch.
 My dear (and obviously very thoughtful) friend, Cathy Downing Kindberg
and I worked together at KPNX in Phoenix many years ago.
She has been blessed with several grandsons-- but no granddaughters.
Therefore, she thought it would be fun to do a little girl shopping
and spoil a trio of x chromosomes.
The girls were thrilled with their jewelry kits, art projects
and drawing books.
They will be busy all summer!
 And even though Kean isn't one of the "Barker Girls" the box
was addressed to-- he certainly wasn't left out.
He immediately started gobbling down on BACON JERKY.
Didn't know it even existed until then-- but he's hooked.
 Cathy also spoiled him with a set of farm animals, which is great.
He's become quite the master at making the sounds the animals make.
 And finally, both Holland and Greer had
their big science fair at school tonight.
 Months of torturing mom with these projects
has finally come to an end.
So nice to have this off our plate.