Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Perfect Timing

We got a package from heaven today.
A much needed one.
Kean got a Joy Jar in the mail .
If you are not familiar with these little goody filled boxes,
they come from the Jessie Rees foundation.
Jessie was a girl who fought bravely against cancer and lost.
In her memory, her family sends jars filled with toys and gifts
out regularly to kids like Kean.
 I think this is Kean's third Joy Jar-- and it was filled with all kinds 
of goodies-- a toy truck, a "Never Ever Give Up-- NEGU" bracelet,
and hat, play dough, a coloring kit, a ball, toys, a stuffed animal and
 a Lego kit that Reese was so excited to put together.
As I said, the timing couldn't have been better.
We are going on a solid week (feels like about 7 years)
that Kean has been 90 percent ornery.
Can't figure out why.  He's not on Steroids for another two weeks
but geez, he sure acts like he is.
Fingers crossed tomorrow he will be through this "phase".