Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Years Gone

This is one of those days I'm so glad is over.
Kean wouldn't wake up this morning
and had another one of those Hypoglycemic episodes
where he is cold, clammy, and near comatose.
My girls have it down to a routine.
Reese grabs Kleenex to hold on his finger
after I take a little blood sample,
Greer grabs the camera to document it for the doctor
and Holland gets a cup of Orange Juice ready.
The girls are truly superstars.  They got their own
breakfasts, made their school lunches and got ready and out
the door while I held Kean, tried to get him to drink and eat
and talked with the doctor.
I can't wait for his Chemo to be over and done with.
His Endocrinologist thinks these episodes will go away too.
They better.
I loose five years of my life each time we go through this.
We are lucky though, after an hour or so, he's totally back
to normal.
He had horse therapy and speech therapy and did quite well.
You'd never even know there had been so much drama in the house!
It seems we must have a magnet for drama.
Kean's horse therapist, Candice (the one who lost
her horse and the baby during birth) started having
some pretty serious pre-term labor signs today.
So guess who got to take her to the hospital this afternoon?  Me!
I was going already for a meeting and so it worked out great.
She saw her doctor two floors up from where I met with Kean's.
So quick update-- all is well with Candice and her baby.
And my meeting?  It was with the Neurophsychologist
that was trying to give Kean an IQ test when he lost 
it and then I lost it a few weeks back in her office.
She gave me the report she is giving to the state
to make sure Kean continues to qualify for therapy.
Anyway, her report was BRILLIANT!
She totally took the state of Idaho to task
for wasting time, money and resources by requiring
a child with Down syndrome who is currently undergoing
treatment for cancer to go through this ridiculous testing!!!
She's my new hero.
It was sure nice to have my exact feelings validated!