Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, April 20, 2015

Three Words

Whether we wanted it to come or not, Holland is now 14.
I'm sure she's anxious to grow up-- me?  Not so much.
She moves to a new age group in church and her leaders
came by to spoil her...
 with the cutest candy letter all about her.
 I just wanted to kiss her when she asked for donuts 
instead of me making her a cake.
I did go all out on her dinner though...
 We had the Bodily's up (our neighbors and honorary
Grandparents).  Hopefully, Holland wasn't too 
disappointed that her wish didn't come true and she still didn't get a cell phone.
(She is trying to convince us she is the last 14 year old
on the earth who still doesn't have one).
I had to throw this picture in--
Kean was for once digging on the sweets.
Usually, he's all about the salty (can we say bacon?).
I was almost tempted to leave that little mustache on.
Today, he was definitely a donut man.
 Kean, by the way, practiced saying "Happy Birthday Hottie"
all day.
We got it on video-- it wasn't his best rendition-- but we got it.
Can't get my head around the fact our little princess has bigger
feet than me now!
Happy Birthday dear Hottie!