Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, April 5, 2015


About all I can say is we got through Easter.
Kean has been edgy all day and wasn't much into the whole
tradition thing.
The girls were all over the egg hunt at the grandparents.
 Kean?  Not so much.
 All he'd say was "candy, no!"
At least we got some good speech practice out of him.
 Actually, he had hurt his thumb- pulled all of the skin off
his knuckle about an hour before the egg hunt.
That clearly put him over the edge
and he was pretty much inconsolable
 until he finally fell asleep in my arms watching Cars.
 He missed the family dinner and the "golden egg hunt".
 My parents put five dollars in an egg for each of the
grandchildren-- and we hide them in really, really hard places
and then just laugh as the kids go crazy trying to find them.
Happy Easter everyone.  How thankful we are
for the real reason for this holiday-- the knowledge we have
that our Savior died for us and was resurrected so each of
us may have the opportunity to be made whole through Him.
What great comfort He brings-- to realize that one day
Kean's struggles will be made into strengths thanks to the Atonement.