Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Answers

We had another doctor's appointment.
I can't complain about this one.
Kean didn't have to have any tests, get any shots
or give any blood.
In fact, it went about as well as a doctor's appointment can go.
We saw his Endocrinologist-- the doc who is trying to figure
out why Kean keeps having those Hypoglycemic seizures.
Typically we see them when he doesn't eat well, then takes
his nightly Chemo (which he has take fasting at night).
Then he won't wake up in the morning, is sweaty, clammy
and totally non-responsive.
It is incredibly frightening but now that we know it is caused
by low blood sugar when he doesn't eat, it has eased the fear a bit.
(I still am spitting adrenalin trying to revive him each time it happens).
Anyway, he's had several of those episodes, especially just after heavy Chemo
when we can hardly get him to do anything other than cry-- let alone eat.
 Kean threw me for a loop a month ago when he ate a ton of food at dinnertime
and then wouldn't wake up the next morning and had all those 
horrible symptoms/side effects.
Dr. Flynn put me at ease today with his thoughts that there is not something else
wrong-- but that his body is just under so much stress with the cancer that
he can't hang onto any extra energy to keep his levels up during the night.
The doc assured me this problem will likely go away once he's done
with Chemo.
Yippee!!!  Another huge reason to celebrate come September.
We did, by the way get a prescription for- and in - office training
on how to give Kean a shot in the leg to get him to come around
when he is non-responsive and won't drink orange juice etc.
Joy, another prescription to pick up (and add to our impressive collection).
Meanwhile, tonight was Holland's Medical High School's orientation.
I'm still in shock she'll be in high school next year.
Greer went with us-- and was more than willing to pose
in the perfect light after our storm.
 She's a keeper, I tell ya.