Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, April 10, 2015

In the Spotlight

It's funny.  I hung up my microphone eons ago
and yet it seems like this cancer thing has gotten me
in front of the camera quite often.
Last night the girls and I headed down to the
Boise State campus to this building-- overlooking
the football field and all of Boise.
 We were invited to a reception honoring St. Luke's
hospital's big donors.
Since I don't have two nickels to rub together-- we
weren't invited because of our big donations-- we
were invited because Kean and I were highlighted in a video
about how the nurses are what makes this hospital great.
We couldn't agree more-- and trust me, I swear, we know
half of them!  Truly it was a pleasure to talk about
all the nurses who have made such a difference in our lives.
Now onto the pictures.
Greer was totally into the food.
 And you'd think the three had won the lottery
when they got to get Shirley Temples!
That's our friend Nick Propp photo bombing us.
 He and the rest of this gang were the brain trust behind
the BSU Dance Marathon.
They were spotlighted for raising over 66 thousand dollars
for the Children's Hospital!
 And while Kean was featured prominently in the video
(he dazzled by the way), he had to stay home.
But all is not lost, guess who came to give him
a motorcycle ride this evening!!!
 Yep, Motorcycle Jeff and Motorcycle Kean
 All is right with the world again.