Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Best Gig Ever

Sixteen years ago, just after Byron and I were married, 
we went back to LA so I could "play" a newscaster
for a Batman cartoon called Batman Beyond.
How in the world did I get this sweet gig you may ask?
The lady I sold my house to in Toluca Lake, California
just so happened to be the head of casting for Warner Brothers animation.
She asked.
I said yes.
It was not a condition of closing, by the way.
It was such a fun day.
And they even paid me over two thousand dollars
to read about four sentences.
As if that wasn't bonus enough, I still get a check
from Warner Brother's for residuals-- about 30 bucks every quarter.
(I totally would have done it for free).
Now for the rest of the story.... (my apologies to Paul Harvey)
I got a message on Facebook last week from a guy asking if he could
send me a picture to get my autograph.
Can you believe that?  All these years later-
and the funny part is he lives on the other side of the Valley.
Instead of giving out my address, I offered to meet him.
He brought two copies of the picture-- one for me to keep
and one for me to autograph.
 It was fascinating to meet James.
He has spent the last 11 years collecting over 400 autographs
from all things Batman (movies, TV shows, cartoons) and he
still has more to get on his quest.
Here's what's wild-- he knew so much more about the episode--
Lost Soul than I did.  And I was in it!!!