Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Wrestling Match

If only they had offered a Girls Wrestling Team in high school.
I really could have used some sweet moves today.
Kean had his annual check up with the Pediatric Opthamalogist
and boy, oh boy, was it a doozy.
We had a lot of waiting.  Lots.
But that wasn't anywhere near the challenging part.
Phase one:  putting three drops of medicine in each eye.
Trust me, he's much, much stronger than he looks.
This is while we waited about 45 minutes in a room
away from all the other kids for his eyes to get dilated. 
 Phase two:  the trickiest part was holding him down and still while the doc
looked and tested his eyes.
I'm quite certain, Kean landed a few swift kicks to the poor guy.
I have this crazy hope that someday, someday I'll be
able to take him to a doctor's appointment and he'll be able 
to sit, cooperate and follow directions
(without kicking the doctor or biting the dentist).
I have a dream.....