Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 13, 2014

Some Answers?

Well, we finally saw the specialist today-- the Endocrinologist.
Dr. Flynn was extremely thorough-- we not only talked extensively
about his episodes that mimic Hypoglycemic seizures but also discussed
Kean's entire medical history.  And as you can guess, that
took forever.
 In a nutshell, he thinks my theory is probably right on--
that the Chemo he takes fasting each night is too hard on his little
body and that his liver probably doesn't bank enough sugar (?) to
get him through some nights.
He's gonna run a bunch of tests with Kean's blood when we have Chemo
next week.  He wants us to try adding a prescription non-refined corn starch
into his meals -- that will take longer for his body to break down.
If that doesn't work, our least resort will be a night time feeding.
One other interesting development came out of today's 
appointment.  Kean has been on Thyroid medicine 
since he was an infant.  Dr. Flynn told me today, that
his Thyroid medicine has basically been worthless.
Since Kean can't swallow pills, he's been taking a compounded
liquid.  Dr. Flynn said that it is impossible to get Thyroid
suspension stabilized and that Kean likely has only been getting
a whopping 25 percent of the med.
I'm thinking this could be good news.  Regular tests
show his levels have been fine-- so if he's not getting the
right amount of medicine, I'm hoping maybe we can drop
this medicine from our long list.
Wouldn't that be great?


Tricia said...

We love Dr. Flynn. He is Kiley's diabetes doctor.

Tamra Zinn said...

It is very nice when a doctor can take some extra time to get to the bottom of a problem! Good news!