Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sun Valley Escape

Kean stayed with his grandparents overnight
while the rest of the family headed up 
to Sun Valley.
Last year when we went to Camp Rainbow Gold's 
Family Winter Retreat-- Jaime Rivetts was assigned to
our family as our camp counselor.
She got married this weekend
and we wouldn't have missed it for the world.
 The wedding was in her parents back yard
and then we all headed into Ketchum for the reception--
food, non-stop dancing and some crazy pictures.
 In fact, if I had let them, I think Holland and Greer
would have closed down the place with their dancing.
Reese cut out early after she talked her dad into heading back to the hotel 
for a late night swim before bedtime.
Her second swim of the day-- earlier we had met
up with my good friend, Kelly and her daughter, Emily.
Emily and Kean were next door neighbors in the
Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit after they were born
for nearly two months (enough time for Kelly and I
to become fast friends).
 This morning after breakfast, we explored some of the
crazier artist installations in Sun Valley.
After visiting this three room house of sticks-
Reese asked her dad if he could help her
"just a tiny bit" to build a replica at home.
 We also took the long way home
so we could take a fun field trip to Red Fish Lake.
 A beautiful place
on a picture perfect day.
 I think we all needed this break.