Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 6, 2014

Naughty, Naughty

Shortly after Kean was diagnosed with cancer, 
I had other parents tell me that when they were finally finished
with treatment, they have had to deal with a new issue.
That being, a spoiled, acting out, ornery child on their hands.
When you have a kiddo in pain and feeling awful for months,
if not years, it is hard not to spoil them and give in to their every request.
That being said-- and even being forewarned, I find myself being much 
more lenient with Kean than I would have been "if" he had never
been diagnosed.
Heck, let's be honest, we all spoil him and cut him
probably way too much slack because we know he constantly
feels lousy.
And now I'm starting to see some of the fall-out.
He got in "trouble" at his therapy school today.
There are only three kids in his class and evidently
they were taking turns doing a little bowling game.
Kean was sitting next to a little boy and first tried to
pull off his glasses.
Then, he tried pushing him off the bench.
Two of his therapists held Kean's hands to himself and had
him miss two turns bowling.
They said he seemed to feel remorse, understand his actions
and why he was being held still and not allowed to play.
Lately, he's been throwing little tantrums, demanding
bacon, ice cream, cycle rides...
Hard to know how much of it is just typical
toddler tantrums or a foreshadowing of problem behavior
to come.
On the bright side, he is now showing appropriate remorse when
he gets in trouble.
And he hates, hates, hates being put in time out.
I guess the future will let us know if we've gone to over board
in coddling him.
But trust me, it's so hard not to.


Shellee said...

All of us with "extra awesome" kids know exactly how you feel. Stay the course. Of course, we want to spoil them, but the reality is that ultimately we will end up being the people that make them disabled. Olivia hates time out because when she is done, she has to yell for me to get her out of her little chair. Be grateful that your little guy can show remorse and learn and grow!