Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Music With a Bit of Torture Thrown In

If you were sitting outside our house today...
you'd likely think our boy was being water boarded.
Numbing up his port for Chemo took three of us.
Reese is behind me, reaching around and holding his legs
(so he can't kick me).
This picture does not show him screaming.
 And yet we get to the hospital and
he is all smiles and Mister Charm.
Calene and Chelsea Borup were our double dates
for Chemo today.
 Kean's counts are still super low.
He's at 710-- and they want him between 700 and 1200.
So we dodged any changes to his protocol.
Just barely.
What was crazy is we did talk about his end date.
Remember, we have less than a year left of Chemo.
And once that is over, we still have to go to the hospital monthly
for a year, then every three months for the next four years.
So our treks down to St. Luke's won't be ending for quite some time.
However, we'll gladly take monthly blood and other tests
over constant chemo!!!
Today, we lucked out and got to hang with the lovely
Miss Irene- the music therapist.
 My, oh, my did Kean have fun.
He LOVES everything about music...
 and seemed to be quite taken with Irene.
 I think I took about a thousand pictures
as he mugged for her and she played for him
while we waited on his Chemo.
I think we need to get this boy some guitar lessons.
Take a gander.