Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dodge Ball

We dodged the bullet big time this morning.
Kean had another one of "those" episodes.
He had a very rough night, woke up completely lethargic,
 wouldn't eat or drink and whimpering.
Plus, get this, his temperature was a low 96.2.
I have to admit, I was totally confused
in that he ate a great dinner last night
(it seems to always happen after he eats poorly).
He wouldn't drink much yesterday though... so maybe
that's the missing puzzle piece.
Either way, we finally see a specialist about
this on Monday (an Endocrinologist).
Kean's cancer doc had me watch him for a while
instead of rushing him to the E.R.
Good thing.  About 40 minutes after getting him to drink
some Orange Juice, he perked right up.
Last way I want to spend my Saturday is in the E.R.
Instead, it was a low key, snuggle and watch
movies kind of day.
Yes, we watched Tangled
and then tonight it was Bolt.
He totally gets into the motorcycle
chase scene at the beginning of the movie.
I know-- shocking.


Tamra Zinn said...

That little light coming through the tunnel at times helps. Keep going. I love you.