Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, October 3, 2014

Deja Vu

We had a surprise visitor stop by the house this afternoon---
one of our all time favorite Oncology nurses- Steve.
 Steve was our night nurse on many, many long nights
in the hospital when Kean was first diagnosed
and the countless other times we "got" to go stay
at St. Luke's that first year.
There is something about Steve-- he's like a big
ol' teddy bear.. that Kean instantly connected with.
 Not only back then-
but again today.
And here Steve was worried Kean wouldn't 
remember him.
Fat chance!


T. Willie said...

I went to high school with Steve, and while I didn't know him as well as I should have back in the day, as grownups, I've had the privilege of discovering just how awesome he is :-). My son was born 2 months early, and for about a week pre-delivery, we thought he was going have Down Syndrome. As it turns out, he has Achodroplastic Dwarfism, instead. Tons of insane complications....tracheostomy, neurosurgery, on and on. So many nights we could have really used a nurse, especially someone like Steve. At 13, when my son finally got stable, we sold all our stuff, bought an old sailboat and are currently sailing around Mexico (eventually, the world, but no hurry), trying to give our, now healthy 18 year old, kid a childhood that involves more than hospitals. Sending you guys so much love from one special family to another. If you ever find yourselves with an abundance of time and money, head on down here, we'll take you guys sailing, play with dolphins and whales, go snorkeling, kayak, dork around on the beach...just have some much needed fun. If it's all right, I want to add your site to our "Landlubbers We Love" blogroll @ Big hugs--Tamiko