Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Detour

I sure wonder what people think when they see us
doing "lawn mower therapy".
Today especially.
Picture Grandpa Bodily with Kean on board...
and Greer and Reese on roller blades doing their best
to keep up with the boys.
 Kean, by the way, has done a little back tracking.
He fell hard last week coming off our grass onto our patio
and immediately started crying.
Since then, he has not wanted to walk.
We don't think he's hurt-- just lost his confidence.
You can see, he'll take a step or two and then he's done.
It's kind of frustrating... but we'll get him back on track.
And while yesterday Kean had his big eye doctor appointment,
since the girls were out of school today-- it was there turn.
Get this, Holland's eyes have stayed the same (blind as a bat),
Greer's eyes actually improved slightly?!?!?
And Reese is coming in with 20/20.
And finally, while Kean won't walk--
 he will still gladly ride.
Thanks Motorcycle Jeff for a beautiful ride on a beautiful evening.