Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hot and Cold

As a mom, it sure is painful to watch your child in misery.
That ol' wicked Chemo is so dang cruel.
He was lukewarm for Physical Therapy this morning.
We tried to get him to walk around some inside
since it was raining outside.
For Maureen and Occupational Therapy, he had moments
of cooperation (and joy).
 She brought this little game where he had to flip a lever
and it made a little disc fly into a box.
Boy, oh boy, did he like that one.
Just take a look.
Too bad that was the high point of the day for him.
It has been one of those whine and hug, whine and hug 
kind of days.
But I'm looking on the bright side.
At least we got through the day without any vomiting.
Trust me, that's a plus.
And you know what?
His hugs are the best.
The best!