Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Spooky Night

We had one of our favorite nights of the year--
a Halloween party at the Zoo with our
Camp Rainbow Gold family.
The guy with the "fro" is Jason-- one of the heads
of CRG and a guy we refer to as the Pied Piper.
Everyone, and I mean everyone LOVES this guy!
 It is also one of the few nights we feel comfortable
taking Kean out for a night on the town-- since he's around
families in the same boat as us (all germ-a-phobes).
 Not only do they feed us, have tons of treats and carnival games
but they have these animal encounters set up for the kids.
Kean got a huge, huge kick out of feeding Julius, the giraffe.
 Honestly, I thought Greer had one of the best costumes of the night,
she had her heart set on being Maleficent and even made
her own head piece.  Don't know where she gets
that creativity!
 The only other thing Kean wanted to do was ride
the "horsey".
We closed the Merry-go-round down-- riding
it five times.
Hey, we do what we can to make that boy happy.
 The night ended with a Neon Parade down the main
drag of the Zoo.
Our little Monarch butterfly dazzled.


Tamra Zinn said...

Everyone looks like they had a great time. Very cute pictures and costumes. A great time out! I love you.