Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Axe

Today was one of the days I dread most.
Kean had his big hearing test-- the one
where they put him in a sound booth, hook contraptions
onto his shirt, stick probes in his ears and expect him to 
sit still for oh, like forever, listen and react to sounds
while I hold his hands in a vice grip (to keep him from pulling
the probes out)!
 He was totally in to walking and crawling up the ramp
to the sound booth-- but totally out when it came to the test.
Let's just say the doc only got a bit out of him before
he got totally fed up with me holding his hands down
and refused to cooperate.
 The doc gave me the option of a sedated hearing test
(no thanks, he gets sedated enough as it is) or we can
"practice" an interactive hearing game at home and try 
a new approach to the test in three months.
Ummm, we'll be practicing this little game to see if that works.
In case you were wondering, we both came home exhausted.
Alex Hill (from our church) came over again this evening
to play with Kean.
 Thankfully, it was beautiful outside-- so four wheeler riding
it was... that and swinging and eating and just becoming fast friends.
It's the cutest thing ever-- oh, that and the fact that
Kean calls Alex "Axe".


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