Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Yoga Master

Surprisingly, Kean has handled this round of heavy
Chemo pretty good.  Of course, we're only one day
into it and as Holland pointed out, "yeah mom, but
the Steroids haven't really hit yet".
But I'll take a good day whenever I can get it.
I still get such a kick out of how he sleeps--
all folded over in half.
 I used to "un fold" him but have given up
since he just goes right back into the sandwich position.
And check out this watching Tangled  position.
Wonder if they teach that in mainstream Yoga classes.
 Perhaps he's not getting enough to eat
and those toes are filling in.
Actually, we are back on the Steroid diet--
bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Spinach, cheese and bacon quiche for dinner.
You get the idea.
(Should have invested in Pork Bellies)!