Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, November 7, 2014


Ah Romeo.
He came through for the boy.
And if you had been at the arena today... you would have 
seen Pam, Candice and myself making major fools of ourselves.
We sang every horse song under the sun and even made
up plenty more.
Kean loved it!
 And check this out...
It is a fake horse outside my brother's store.
Kean didn't want to get off-- he was so at home.
(That's my nephew Derek with him).
Then this afternoon, Grandpa Bodily rode up on his lawn mower
just to say hi and to see if Kean could come out to play
(and go for a spin).
What would we do without him?
 One more bit of good news.
My folks are home after being gone for nearly a month.
Kean has been asking to go over to Grandpa's house every day!
Tonight he got his wish-- and got lots of kisses from his
beloved G and G.
(This picture is from when he was in the hospital the last time--
but he sure loves to smooch his Grandma!).