Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Hint of the Future...

Today is World Premature Day... and I couldn't let the day
pass without looking back on one of the most miraculous days 
of our lives.
As you know, my pregnancy with Kean was quite problematic
(huge understatement). 
After 75 days on bed rest in the hospital, Kean came storming
into our lives-- without the myriad of problems he was expected to have.
Instead he surprised us with that extra chromosome (Down syndrome).
Now I can easily say he blessed us with his Down syndrome
but at the time it was extremely painful and scary beyond words.
 Our little peanut was just over 4 pounds-- tiny, tiny but
much larger than the doctors expected.
But my, look at how tiny the girls were back then!
 The month and a half he spend in NICU was brutal--
or so I thought.
I've come to realize it was excellent training ground
for what we would face when Kean was two, nearly three.
The ultimate in dress rehearsals!
 In fact, I went back to those early days on my blog
to find these pictures and if you want to get a nice little jolt--
take a read on this old post.
Can we say foreshadowing?