Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Another Halloween for the books.
Kean even got to go out for a bit.
We took him to a few neighbors we just had to visit.
Starting with the Bodily's.
Kean didn't quite get the getting candy part.
He just walked in like he owned the place.
 And of course, better than any candy was getting hugs from G and G.
Reese dressed up as a Monarch butterfly.
 Greer was a perfect Maleficent.
 And Holland went as Alice (Wonderland).
 Kean got to use that super cool tattooed shirt with the chest hair.
 Our next stop was the Kwid's.
Gina Kwid was Holland and Greer's 2nd grade teacher.
They live just down from us (that' s Cadee-- Holland's friend in the picture too).
 We then popped by Motorcycle Jeff's house--
where surprisingly, Kean did not beg for a ride.
He was happy to terrorize Jeff's cat and check out his house though.
 Kean actually got a lot of walking in-- during our short time out.
He walked up to every house and pretty much walked
right inside and all around.
Thank goodness it was all homes of those we know well.
 Here we are at our former neighbor, Nancy's house.  We have a tradition
of always visiting Nancy before trick or treating.  About four years
ago, her home burned down and she moved about a mile or so away.
We still always visit Nancy and her puppy, Gracie.
 Our last stop was Byron's brother's house-- Uncle Craig
and Aunt Missy.
Kean wouldn't hold still long enough to take a silly picture.
He was too busy exploring.
(Remind me why we worked so hard to get him to walk?)
 Byron and I headed home with the boy.
For the first time ever, the girls all went out with friends.
Yikes, they are growing up.
So get this, Reese came home first with 96 pieces of candy.
Greer showed up next-- all sad and teary.
She said her friends had quit Trick or Treating about
an hour after we had said goodbye and then headed
home to watch a Harry Potter movie.
She was so weepy over her "measly" haul of only 32 pieces of candy
and her "boring" night.
We soothed her with promises of kind sisters who likely would share
and to get to bed.
Miraculously, in the morning, she had more candy than anyone.
How did this happen you ask?
Nope, her sisters hadn't dug into their candy stashes...
it was all a nefarious trick.
Greer came home last night, dumped most of her candy out in her room
before emerging all weepy and teary.
She told us she had wanted to practice "acting" on us
and announced she can now cry on demand.
Not sure what to think of this new drama queen
or the fact that next time she comes crying...
we might be too suspicious to give her much compassion.
Oh, these crazy girls-- we are in for a wild ride!