Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Reprieve

Thanks to Veteran's Day (and thank you to all of those
who have served our country), the girls did not have school today.
We had picked apples yesterday afternoon, so today went 
over to my parents' house to make applesauce.
Have I told you Kean is in love with applesauce?
And he can say the word "applesauce" as clear as I can!
 I have to say the girls were all great workers--
from washing apples to cranking out the sauce--
my mom and I had wonderful helpers.
 We actually cranked out 28 bottles-- and boy, oh boy, 
is it ever tasty.
 Anything to please the boy and keep him eating.
Oh, and Byron did take him for a very short spin late this afternoon.
Kean came back with red cheeks, a runny nose, ice cold hands--
BUT, a huge smile on his face.
We had one little reprieve.  Unfortunately, the heart break
will return with the freezing weather that's due tomorrow.