Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chemo? Check!

Get this.
While I was up this morning getting Kean ready for his big day
at the hospital, his sisters were downstairs making him eggs, bacon
and a bagel.  Doesn't get much sweeter.
(Plus, I think they are trying to earn extra points for Christmas)!
I am happy/relieved to announce that after today, we only
have ten more months of Chemo left!!!
Of course, we'll still be making regular trips to the hospital for tests
for like, the rest of his life... but the hard stuff we hope will be
in the rear view mirror ten months from now.
My mom, "Grammy" was our Chemo date for the day.
She's never, ever gone with us-- after all this time.
So it was a real treat.
We also got to see Jen-- Kean's favorite Child Life Specialist
(her job is to play with the kids)!
And Kean loves her.  He gave her a big kiss (a lick)
on her cheek when we said goodbye.
He won't do that for just anyone.
The good news today?  His counts are a bit better--- not so scary low.
And he didn't kick Dr.Camilo during his thorough examination.
But he did fight and try...
Kean also got to watch his beloved horsey movie:  Tangled.
He is currently obsessed with Maximus.
In fact, I think he was almost oblivious to the nurse hooking
him up for Chemo.  He couldn't be bothered
to tear his eyes away from the screen.
In the background of the picture above, there is a teenage boy
receiving his very last dose of Chemo.  I told him congratulations
but had to stop myself from racing over and hugging him.
All the nurses were so cute with him- they even had made a sign.
Someday, will be Kean's turn.