Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kicking a Little Cancer Butt

Kean has officially turned a corner.
The worst for this month's dose of heavy Chemo
looks like it is behind us.
And for that I am very thankful.
We are also officially into the power eating stage.
Gotta love those Steroids.
Let's see...
he ate a full plate of bacon, eggs and a bagel.
Two cups of orange juice.
Two pieces of pizza, a bowl of peaches, a handful
of peanut M & M's, two rolled tacos smothered in cheese
and sour cream and a side of beans-- and that was all 
before lunch.
And yet, he's still tiny.
Crazy stuff.
Oh, we received the best news today-
and I mean the best.
Here's the background:
one of our very dear friends, was diagnosed with terminal cancer 
probably a year and a half ago.
After undergoing brutal chemo and radiation at one of our local
hospitals, they told her there was nothing more they could do to help her.
She went to Kean's hospital next and had nearly an identical experience.
They tried and told her they were sorry.
Out of desperation, she went back to a University hospital in Columbus, Ohio
and was thrilled when they agreed to try things no other hospital
felt comfortable trying.
Well, today, she let us know that she just had a clean scan--
meaning no cancer showed up.
Don't ever doubt -- miracles are all around us!
Plus,you know it's a good day when someone kicks cancer's butt!!!
Janice- you are a warrior!